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OSO Mudslide: Helping is how we cope

As the community of Oso struggles to recover from the tragic mudslide that occurred March 22nd the surrounding communities continue to pull together and show strength and compassion.  Many in our area are trying to find ways to help.  Following is a list compiled by heraldnet.com and other news sources if you would like to help.  This tragedy has touched the lives of many of our members, family, friends, neighbors, clients and co-workers... Read more >>

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    It's our 8th Annual Local Random Acts of Kindness Week in Duvall Washington!!

    We encourage kindness year round but it's nice to have a week set aside each year locally, to focus on being extra kind to one another!


    Thank you Duvall Fire Fighters!

    My son was playing with some plastic  slip ties I had in my car to hang my Random Acts of Kindness signs.  He put one on  his finger and locked it and couldn't get it off.   His finger swelled up, turned blue and he was in a lot of pain.  The Duvall Fire Fighters came to the rescue and were able to stick the tip of a knife into the locking mechanism on the slip tie and it slipped off.  THANK YOU for your KINDNESS!!!!


    Thank you kind stranger at Duvall's Safeway!

    I would like to thank the bearded gentleman for his Random Act of Kindness at the Duvall Safeway on Thursday, Feb. 13th.  I had gone through the self check out and had asked for $20.00 cash.  I left my cash and this kind man ran out of the store to hand me my $20.00.  Thank you SO much!  Last year I accidently left my purse in my cart at this same location.  Another kind stranger took the time to give my purse to customer service.  I love all the Kindness that takes place in this world, especially in Duvall!




We encourage kindness year round but it’s nice to have a week set aside each year locally, to focus on being extra kind to one another!